Frequently Asked Question



What is Nusagate?

Nusagate is a company that provides payment using cryptocurrencies to fiat with a click of a button. A decentralized and scalable efficient infrastructure technology that enables all types of merchants and payment providers across the world to extend global payment methods. Nusagate processes payments in Cryptocurrencies and Fiat, run the marketplace, disburses payroll and loans, detects fraud, and helps other businesses grow exponentially


How Nusagate helps your transaction payment simple to expand your business?

By using various payment methods and especially cryptocurrencies Nusagate will help the growth of your business.


How do I integrate with Nusagate?

You can check our Documentation, in case you have any additional questions regarding the integration process yon can address them to our support team via support@nusagate.com


How do I get the API Key?

You can register & login to Nusagate Dashboard, then go to Setting > Developer > Generate secret key

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